Independent filmmaking is vital, thrilling, important. It moves the art form forward, creates new ways to tell stories, bridges cultural divides, and digs deeply into what it is to be human.

But independent filmmaking does not come with deep pockets.

We do not have the same access to revenue streams as the big studio pictures. That doesn’t mean that our ambition is less or that our vision is diminished. But it does mean we must find creative ways to fund our films.

Asking friends and people interested in the story to back the film is a tried-and-true way to fund projects like ours. We hope that you will see the importance in what we’re trying to do, and will help us make it real this summer. In return, we’ll give you our thanks in meaningful, tangible ways for each level of giving.

Your patronage is crucial to this project’s success. You have our promise that we will make the very best film we can. Thanks for being involved.

photo: Théo Reynal

photo: Théo Reynal

Our Goal

Our budget is lean. It includes the costs of the rental of excellent professional equipment and optics; vehicle rentals and fuel costs; meals, hotels, and transportation for the crew; insurance; usage fees for certain locations; and the distribution costs and entry fees for film festivals once the film is finished.

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Friend I

A gift of $5 gets you in the game and gives you the warm feeling of supporting an independent film. It also gets you our thanks and online access to the project’s production diary.

Friend II

See! Already we’re doubling the good will and generosity! A gift of $10 gets you all the benefits above, including a link to download the movie when it’s finished.


Friend III

A gift of $25 earns you our heartfelt thanks for supporting our film and full access to the production diary online, including a link to download the finished film. And we’ll send you a kickass refrigerator magnet so you can point to it for years to come and say, “Oh yeah, that’s that movie I helped make.”


A $50 contribution to the project gets you our sincere thanks, all the benefits mentioned above, and a film poster (a collectible!) when the film is finished.


A gift of $100 gets you our special thanks, a film poster (a collectible!) and a link to download the original soundtrack for the film when it is completed. Follow the team online knowing you bought a tank of gas for the RV.

Best Boy

As a thank-you for a gift of $250, in addition to all the premiums above, we will provide you with a DVD of the finished film and a kiss on the cheek the next time we see you.

Key Grip

At the completion of the film, donors of $500 or more will receive all the premiums above plus a Blu-ray of the finished film and four tickets to the film’s debut screening. (We throw great parties.)


For a gift of $1000 or more, you will be listed in the film’s credits as a patron. And we’ll send you all the premiums mentioned above plus a copy of the shooting script signed by the team members. (Consider this an investment: Imagine what a copy of the script of THX 1138, signed by George Lucas, would go for now.)

Executive Producer

For gifts of $10,000 and more, you will be credited as an Executive Producer of the film and mentioned in collateral promotional material we produce. In addition, we will invite you and three guests to the set for a day of shooting. Please contact us to discuss patronage at this level.

If you would prefer to make a contribution by check, please make it payable to TO THE MOUNTAINS, LLC (that’s the name of our production company) and mail it in care of Sean Collins, 4545 Gibson Av, Saint Louis, MO 63110-1519. And thank you! Mille merci !